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Points for Attention in Construction of Steel Sheet Piles Support in Pit Wall

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Steel Sheet Piles As a new type of green building material in the modernization of construction projects large Larsen  Steel Sheet Piles Larsen has been widely used, then how do you have to play out the advantages of this building material, but its use is to master the Steel piles pit wall in the excavation of foundation pit stability and support, which is the traditional method of construction, we use when necessary to choose a program, you have to (1) building material, that is, pull pile pile point problem, the necessary components. Understand the use of some foundation plate, as mentioned above, The higher the probability of demand.
Steel Sheet Piles
First, during the construction process, you will not be able to ignore the observance of the operating procedures in order to prevent accidents. The start of various mechanical equipment is, before, must check the test run equipment is good, ensure that it is working Order, and regular maintenance and repair. In order to be installed in the appliance, the marking must be repaired by a qualified electrician.
Then, the construction work of the participants is excluded drinks, in addition, the staff also drink construction workers alcohol work, work, stick to their posts, we already know that this is good, we need to pay the attention of the safe work point . Such as electricians, welding machines and other special types of workers for the construction workers operating requirements, through professional training to go, you need to master the strict implementation of this work safety rules.
In addition, the construction process can not be free to install contact with various types of electrical equipment, especially for the construction work surface, it's hasty tips. To ensure complete protection against contact is necessary for damage and electrical equipment, coupled with a protective cover .
Finally, in the Steel Sheet Piles to be added to the above punch, the need for specific safety, we in the Z-shaped sheet pile manufacturers in the stable construction process, it is necessary to strengthen the observation should be considered platform-specific structure Should be taken immediately Find the presence of a dangerous situation.


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