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Precautions for avoiding the wrong side steel pipe pile

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In the production of spiral steel pipe pile, the wrong side caused, in fact, some factors affect the production. In many cases, steel pipe piles have been degraded by constructing a fault on the wrong side. The resulting causes and prevention of spiral steel pipe pile analysis of the wrong side is necessary very useful.
pipe pile
1. Camber angle of the steel strip, the steel strip is often slotted, the wrong side, the result of the camber angle, resulting in changes in the welding gap spiral to form the need or in a pipe to change the shape of the tube leading to the wrong side of the most Important factor. Had a serious impact on the quality of steel pipe pile.
2. Another important reason for the error side of the state with edges is bad results. An abutment with a hard bend easily strikes the head and tail due to the shape and dimensional accuracy.
3. Larger errors may result in side-to-high situations, or multiple undocked large welds that are docked for more time than appropriate stripping the head and tail.
Anticorrosive coating rules of the cathode of the table. However, after corrosion-resistant coating damage, the exposed parts of the iron will continue to accelerate localized corrosion. Therefore, the anti-corrosion coating and cathodic protection is to get rid of this method, relative to the joints, the effective economy of the table. As a spiral wall and anticorrosive coating, corrosion of steel into the buried pipeline can be increased by electrochemical damage to the loop resistance, reducing the corrosion current in the three processes of the external DC to the soil power of the steel pipe pile, the cathode cover and making it form a The negative potential is carried out substantially from the end, and the potential difference between the anode and the cathode, between the anode and the cathode, can be prevented.
If protective sacrificial anodes are not used, special attention should be given if soil resistivity and high water are protected by the pipe. Preservatives Another method of preserving quality and cost should be based on the different pressure of steel pipe piles, the environment from different purposes, different gas transport, considering the corrosion and corrosion costs of different methods of protection.

In the sacrificial anode protection method, the general use of magnesium alloy as sacrificial anode protection pipeline. The output current, as it is sacrificed by the life and design of the magnesium alloy sacrificial anode, is the best match for damage to the pipeline during the life of the application, and the waste has occurred immediately adding to the cost savings.

The density of the underground pipe network, the cathodic protection, because you have power up the interference to other pipelines. In the case of the city gas system, the victim his case, the possibility of occurrence of the situation, the price of steel pile pile coffer is your interest. The cathodic protection of galvanic corrosion of metallic materials with steel and steel using a negative potential sacrificial anodic protection method, for example, is not connected to the case of rendering, so the city gas, gas corrosion method should be used in combination.


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