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Precautions for construction of steel sheet pile cofferdam in soft sand

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Larsen steel sheet pile for the construction of cofferdam commonly used in the construction, but the steel sheet pile in the soft sand on the geological construction of the time, or more trouble, need attention. Because the soft sand has a flow, so the steel sheet pile coffer construction will increase the difficulty.

In the soft sandy steel cofferdam project, for the Larsen steel sheet pile arrangement structure is very compact, between the pile and the pile must be closely linked to the ring, to prevent the soft sand into the cofferdam inside the foundation pit. If there is a reserved interval based on a mild design, it is necessary to determine whether or not it needs to be encrypted according to the soil physics.

Soft clay commonly known as mud with plasticity, excavation of the pit, prone to collapse of the pit wall, resulting in engineering accidents. So in this construction environment, whether it is the construction program, or the choice of steel sheet pile are very particular about.

In the soft foundation to implement the foundation pit support is best to use lock plate steel pile, he can effectively block the high-flow plastic sludge to the pit into the soil, and can form an effective water curtain, can effectively overcome the support method appears in the slope Foot flies and the ills of the crash. And the construction to ensure that the steel sheet pile can be inserted into the hard soil layer, to prevent the lower end of the steel sheet in the soft side of the slope.

In the use of steel sheet pile to do when the project, the steel sheet into the ground, pay attention to not let the soil also entered the pile empty, the place of the lock, generally for ease of use, usually in the lock at the grease To facilitate the construction operation. In the process of piling the steel sheet pile, we must keep the steel sheet pile vertical, usually with the theodolite to detect, in the piling time, we must keep the front of the two steel sheet pile in the direction to be consistent in order to facilitate the subsequent steel sheet pile along The front of the piling. In the pile when the pile, in order to prevent the other to the other side of the steel sheet pile also pulled out, you can plate pile and channel a root cut off, pull out the steel sheet pile to remove the sediment in time. If it is deformed, and remember to adjust in time to facilitate the next use.

Due to the different nature of soft sand, so when the construction requirements of the technology is relatively high, the actual operation should be relatively troublesome, so we here to remind you, pay attention to construction safety Oh!


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