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Regan Industrial sheet pile MMU26-1,MMU26-2,MMU26-3,MMU27-1,MMU28-1

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The Regan industrial sheet pile MMU26-1 or MMU26-2 should have a boundary MMU26-3 rope, which is used for weaving the ribbon with minimum breaking strength of 5000 pounds (22.2 kilons). In the harsh environment, aluminum steel type 2 horizontal part (Zong Liang) and the lateral part (spacer) depends on the gauge required. The durability of synthetic geosynthetic reinforced materials is affected by MMU26-1, such as time, temperature, mechanical damage, stress level and chemical exposure (such as oxygen, water and PH, this is the most common chemical factor). The safety net should be installed sheet pile manufacturers as far as possible under the surface of the MMU26-2, and employees are working, but the safety net should not exceed the level of 30 feet (9.1 meters) in any case unless the manufacturer approves MMU 32-4 in writing. Reinforced concrete panels can usually be produced locally by various faceplates. Microbial attack may also affect some polymers, but most polymers used for carrying MMU26-3 soil reinforcement applications are not affected by this. Your CONTECH sales engineer can provide you with more information. The safety net system and its use should meet the following requirements of MMU 32-3. Long term service CONTECH Bin-Walls can withstand temperature change and MMU 32-3 ice and snow effect. The safety net shall be installed below it with sufficient clearance to prevent contact with the following surface or structure when the impact force is equal to the specified drop test.

MMU 32-2 selection of granular backfilling material for reinforcement of soil, with no organic material, basically no shale or other soft durable particles, and no slag aggregate or MMU27-1 recycled material, such as glass, broken tires, Portland cement concrete gravel, bitumen coagulant gravel or other inappropriate materials, It should meet the following MMU 32-1 requirements: expansion and contraction caused by temperature change is absorbed safely by MMU28-1 all steel structure. There is no danger of cracking. Therefore, the reaction of geosynthetic reinforcement to these long-term environmental factors is product specific.

The area that descends MMU28-1 or MMU30-1 to MMU32-1 network should be MMU32-2 unimpeded. Galvanized steel and type 2 aluminum steel can be sprayed on the spot after installation and backfilling. The safety net should extend outward from the most lateral projection of the work surface, as shown below. The impact of these factors on the durability of the product depends on the type of MMU30-1 polymer used (i.e., resin type, grade, additive and manufacturing process) and the macro structure of the reinforced material. It won't be out of date even after years of use in one place, CONTECH Bin-Walls can be removed for use elsewhere - or they can easily be extended to adapt to the changing conditions of the same place. Not all of these factors will have a significant impact on all geosynthetics.

In addition to the specified circumstances, the safety net and safety net facilities should be installed after the first installation, and MMU 30-1 is used as a falling protection system before redeploying, after overhaul and a drop test every 6 months to stay in one place. The wall system is a gravity retaining wall, in which the soil in the box is used as gravity wall, and the steel components keep the quality of the soil unchanged. The safety net and its installation shall be able to absorb the force of impact MMU 28-1, which is the same as the specified drop test. The two components are combined to resist soil and other superimposed loads. The drop test should include a 400 pound (180 kilogram) sandbag diameter from the highest walking / working surface to 30 + 2 inches (76 + 5 cm) in diameter, and employees exposed to the risk of falling, but not more than 42 inches (1.1 meters) at that level.

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