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Requirements for inspection of sheet piles in constructio

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Now the sheet piles this building material has been in our ubiquitous touched me to buy life, for our quality of life provides a great convenience. Especially in large-scale construction projects, can play a more important role. Such as: construction of port docks, ditch excavation, the important pipeline laying works and dock bridge engineering and so on. Then the construction of important projects in the process, the detection of sheet piles products will be a direct impression of the quality of construction. Following the force of steel industry to share with you the early work of sheet piles construction check several requirements.
sheet piles
 We must first figure out whether the sheet piles construction technology standards, only meet the design requirements we can proceed to the next sheet pile construction.
If the project uses two or three times the use of sheet piles to be further testing. Such as whether the joints and elevation of the joints meet the requirements of construction regulations before piling; whether the sheet piles support is consistent with the foundation pit structure during the installation and dismantling; whether the verticality of the material meets the design requirements can not be greater than 0.5%; axis, Pile and vertical pumping line between the no more than 50mm; also pay attention to the installation of sheet piles support must be close to the wall between the need to fit.
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