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Roll over phenomenon of steel sheet pile and its solution

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Steel sheet pile for permanent buildings and two temporary buildings, for permanent building used in revetment, stevedoring, revetment, retaining wall, breakwater, diversion dike, bollards, dock, sluice and spillway, slope protection, anti scour, foot wall of water. Temporary buildings are used for support, temporary revetment, cofferdam, temporary island building and so on. After the steel sheet pile construction, we occasionally found that the steel sheet pile even roll, and today Wuxi Heng Yong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. for everyone to parse:

There are two reasons for the roll phenomenon of steel sheet pile:

1) where is the construction of steel sheet pile in soft soil, the design of the embedded depth is not enough, resulting in sinking pile ground, grand bottom up.

2) because of the increase of the ground load on the side of the steel pile and the shovel and the earth moving vehicle during the excavation, the steel sheet pile is inclined.

Two, to solve the steel sheet pile side measures:

The embedded depth of steel sheet pile should be determined accurately according to various factors. The excavator and the earth moving vehicle can not work beside the foundation pit. If necessary, the ground load should be calculated to increase the embedment depth of the steel sheet pile. In the construction, because of its soil quality and determine the grouting thickness of the base grouting, the amount of slurry is 3~4 suitable, Prevention of seepage in steel sheet pile construction so that better waterproof, and must be surrounded by support.


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