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Russian Channels with taper flanges UE


The quality assurance system based on SANS ISO 9001:2000 is in operation. UE channel steel can be used for various structural components, from light pur bars to columns and beams of industrial and multi-storey structures and bridges. For rust-proof methods of Russian passages with conical flanges or structures, many technical factors must be taken into account, including environmental, transport, storage, assembly or installation stresses sheet pile manufacturers. The preparation of the substrate is very important for the final success of the coating and the application method.

The above grade of structural steel can be welded by any standard metal arc and resistance welding process, usually without any special precautions. Russian corridors with conical flanges can be ordered to meet the mechanical requirements of any of the international specifications listed. Coatings can be specified, hot-dip galvanized or double-sided coatings (zinc-coated) for corrosion protection, depending on the corrosiveness. The choice of conical flange passages is considered to be the responsibility of the designer, manufacturer or end user.

However, when welding conical flange channels, reference should be made to BS 5135:1984 "Metal Arc Welding of Carbon Steel and Carbon Manganese Steel" to determine preheating requirements at low heat input. Other sections, lengths, grades and tolerances can be obtained from the inquirer. If the nominal thickness is reduced by no more than 7%, larger surface defects can be removed. The maximum depth of surface defect of 3% of nominal thickness shall not be considered as the cause of UE steel channel.

Dimension: GOST 8240-47 PN-H-93451

Tolerance: GOST 8240-47 EN 10279:2000

Surface condition: According to EN 10163-3:2004, Class C, Subclass 1


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