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SAS tie rod system for steel sheet piling(SAS500,SAS670,SAS1050,SAS450,SAS650,SAS830)

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SAS drawing rod system sas500 sas670 and sas1050 steel sheet pile wall commonly used steel. The SAS pull rod system can be used for marine and geotechnical engineering applications such as cofferdam, steel sheet pile wall and retaining wall. The fixed load is moved from the wall to the wall and the pull rod is transferred, and the dead or pressure grouting is anchored to the ground. There are many corrosion protection systems, such as bare steel corrosion on the ground, electrical packaging, hot-dip galvanizing, epoxy coating, heat shrinkable sleeve, double corrosion protection (DCP).

SAS 500 and SAS 670 pull rod is not strong in SAS 1050 steel bar. The other type of sas450, sas650, sas830, SAS 450 and SAS 650 rod tie backs load can be through SAS 830 dead or transfer the pressure grouting anchor in the surrounding ground. SAS tie bar system as an ocean tie or tie bar provides detailed information about the following key characteristics / advantages: shear rod or mechanical roller thread.sas rod connection, including conventional horizontal anchor steel sheet piling prices, tilt installation angle installation.

Steel gradeUS standardMin Yield strengthMin Tensile strengthDiameterStandard

MpaMpammDIN EN 1993-5 EAU2004
SAS450Grade 6045070030-75DIN EN 1993-5 EAU2004
SAS500Grade 7550055030-75DIN EN 1993-5 EAU2004
SAS650Grade 9065080030-75DIN EN 1993-5 EAU2004
SAS670Grade 9767080030-75DIN EN 1993-5 EAU2004
SAS835Grade 150835103530-75DIN EN 1993-5 EAU2004
SAS1050Grade 150950105030-75DIN EN 1993-5 EAU2004

The sheet pile is made of many materials. The selection of materials depends on a number of factors, including strength and environmental requirements. The designer must consider the possibility of material deterioration and its impact on the structural integrity of the system. Most permanent buildings are made of steel or concrete. Concrete can provide longer service life in normal conditions, but it has higher initial cost compared with steel sheet pile. They are more difficult to install than steel piles. Long term field observation shows that the steel sheet pile is designed properly and the service life is long. The permanent device shall allow the installation of a cathodic protection device before excessive corrosion occurs.


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