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​SCU7/SCU8/SCU12/SCU13 Australia sheet piles

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Australia steel sheet pile SCU7 and SCU8 and SCU9 may be very dangerous in Townsville. The load of any appendages attached to the decorative elements should be considered. Falling from height is the main reason for SCU7 injury in construction industry. On the top of the wall, the slope should be graded and drained, and the vegetation protection SCU 9 should be adopted.

U shaped sheet pile manufacturers sections are well proven in both permanent and temporary works throughout the world. Our L and STU series U sections are available in 750/700/600/500mm system widths. All U sections incorporate well-known and efficient Larssen interlocks and offers excellent sealing application.

The Washington DOSH regulations require you to evaluate your workplace, so you will be able to determine the risk of falling. Besides shallow slopes, SCU8 should also be considered for intercepting ditches or drains. Then, you must eliminate or control the risk of your fall. When designing SCU 8 concrete, steel and wood SCU 11 facing components, the location of reinforced soil connection is considered as the basic design horizontal load of supporting position to resist SCU9. If there is a risk of falling 10 feet or larger, we must provide SCU 7 written plan, which is determined. If the area above the wall is horizontal, we must provide sufficient measures to deal with runoff through grading, laying and / or drains.

SCU 7 SCU 8 and SCU 9 will be used to eliminate and control Vitoria. In addition, many national highway departments have drawn up a standard Bin-Wall that can be referenced. The minimum SCU13 requirement for the components on the concrete surface is f'c, equal to 4000psi. The correct assembly, maintenance, inspection procedures, disassembly and use of the anti falling protection system o correctly handle, store and fix procedures for tools and materials. At the front of the wall,S64,L34,L41,L45,L50,L60,L65 L S series steel sheet piling we should avoid any SCU11 conditions that allow water and SCU 12 to soften walls and toes. The general specification will ensure the quality and process of SCU12. The minimum distance from the top or bottom of the veneer to the soil reinforcement level is 5 inches.

SectionDimensionsSectional AreaMassMoment of inertiaModulus of section





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