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With the most advanced production equipments, Shunli is able to provide its clients not only rolling service but welding and protective coating as well.


Shunli is available to offer products which cover all the production range of ArcelorMittals hot-rolled piling products, including the HZ combi wall system.


The most common sections for the HZ combi wall system from ArcelorMittal is:


HZ1080MA, AZ18-700, AZ26-700

HZ1080MB, AZ18-700, AZ26-700

HZ1080MC, AZ18-700, AZ26-700

HZ1180MA, AZ18-700, AZ26-700

HZ1180MB, AZ18-700, AZ26-700

HZ1180MC, AZ18-700, AZ26-700

HZ1180MD, AZ18-700, AZ26-700


For each combination, Shunli is capable to offer an equivalent solution and even a better solution.


Thanks to the Assembly H Piles, different thicknesses of the plates could be combined together to form H King Piles. The process of making SLH King Piles is:

1. H beam assembly

2. Interlocking system manufacturing

3. Welding Interlocking system to the H beams


The advantage of SLH King Piles is that they do not require Connectors since the interlocking system has already been welded onto the H beams.


Compared to the weight of hot-rolled HZ combi walls, our SLHZ combi wall will have a lighter weight but much better section performance.


For more information, please contact us freely.


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