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Hammer & Steel owns a number of inventory facilities throughout the United States, providing a variety of steel sheet piling products for sale or rental. Our sheet pile products are mechanically "spherical sockets" that allow each steel plate to interlock with another steel plate, creating a rigid barrier for soil and water while resisting the lateral pressure of these forces. Compared with other systems, socket interlocking also allows flexible settings, while maintaining very durable driving conditions.

The Z shape of each part makes its structural strength depend not only on size, but also on the thickness of steel. Of course, the soil conditions that drive this part also affect the performance of the foundation or wall. PZC and PZ series sheet piles are usually used as substitutes for Arcelor's Trade Arbed AZ sheet pile manufacturers.

This is a steel casing project. The specification of steel pipe is 1829*25. The length of main pipe pile is 549 meters and the total weight is 610 tons. Pipe factory organizes production according to ASTM A252 standard. The two ends of the finished casing (clutch) meet the needs of users.

The steel plate material used in steel pipe manufacturing shall be C350. Qualified quality inspection certificates are attached to the delivery of steel plates. After production in the factory, the steel plate shall be inspected according to the current standards. The welding wire for offshore pipeline welding is H08MnA and the flux is SJ301, with factory production license and product qualification certificate.

The deviation between the circumference of the outer diameter of the two ends of the pile and the middle is (+12 mm). The ellipticity deviation of steel tube is less than <5 mm. The deviation of the plane gradient at the end of the pipe is < 2. The height difference (cross groove) at the interface between adjacent shells and rings is < 2. The deviation of casing length is (+25.4). The bending (straightness) deviation of steel tube is less than 0.2% L. The inclined grooves at both ends of the steel tube are 30-35 degrees. Only one vertical weld is allowed for each section of steel pipe. The bending direction of offshore pipes used for manufacturing shell rings shall be in accordance with the direction of compression and extension of steel plates.

The process of submerged arc and carbon arc air gouging on both sides inside and outside the steel pipe plant is adopted. All welds are tested by 100% ultrasound, and the standard of ultrasonic inspection meets the CSA W59-03 standard. The edge depth of the weld grip should not be greater than 0.5. The strength height of butt weld is 0-3.5.

The deviation of shape and dimension of steel tube should be inspected according to AS1163. Weld quality grade should meet API5L standard. Pipe piles shall be coded according to the specifications for the whole batch of steel pipes, and then numbered and sprayed in the factory. After acceptance and acceptance of the finished steel pipe, it should be leveled at the stacking site. After the steel pipe is stacked, the two ends should be blocked with corks to prevent sliding. After production in the welded pipe factory, the elevator operation is performed by outside piling and professional personnel in vehicle transportation. Then it can prevent the deformation caused by the bouncing at both ends of the pipe segment and the pipe body.

Section DesignationNominal WidthWall Depth (Height)Web ThicknessFlange ThicknessAreaWeight Per FootMoment of InertiaSection ModulusTotal Surface AreaNominal Coating AreaAreaWeight Per FootMoment of InertiaSection Modulus


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