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Safety construction of Larsen steel sheet pile begins with selection of steel sheet pile

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Larsen steel sheet pile project is very important point is the construction process of security issues, steel sheet pile construction has multiple links to ensure that each link of the security issues will also ensure the safety of the entire project. The safety problem in the construction process is not only related to the completion of the entire construction can be completed on time, but also related to all the construction personnel of personal safety issues. It can be said that every construction project must be from all aspects of various aspects to ensure the safety of construction issues to ensure the smooth completion of the project.

For the Larsen steel sheet pile project safety issues, the first is to pay attention to be sure to lease to a qualified quality assurance of steel sheet pile, which after the construction of Larsen steel sheet pile is very important, can not be a little sloppy, before the lease must All aspects of strict consideration, such as the quality of steel sheet pile is qualified, steel sheet pile has been used for several years, whether the steel sheet pile in line with the construction environment and so on to consider, as long as there is a non-compliance is not used.

In addition to the selection of Larsen steel sheet pile in the course of the project to take into account a lot of problems in the construction of Larsen steel sheet pile in the process, there is a certain requirement, steel sheet pile mainly on the strong, strong soil, or some gravel soil , And the total amount of test pile, to more than ten. When carrying out radio construction at the same time, the positioning of the pile head, must be done, the absolute precision, and the use of vertical construction methods.

If the steel sheet pile is found to be defective and so on, it is necessary to immediately carry out the corresponding treatment work, should not appear in the construction of any deviation phenomenon, and to ensure that the pile to a smooth landing, and no distortion and other issues. For the lock, be sure to close the link. When the construction of the process, for the entire construction of the movement, we must carry out rigorous observation, so as to avoid any construction safety phenomenon.

In addition can not let people who have not come into contact with the steel sheet pile construction is responsible for the construction, if there are new people need to be involved must also be under the leadership of professionals to carry out. Steel sheet pile works important items, but the safety of construction workers is equally important.

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