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Sealant for steel sheet pile


From the point of view of water seal performance, the optimal interlocking state of steel sheet piles is meshing without clearance. However, from the installation point of view, there will be a certain margin in the manufacturing process; therefore, the drainage effect should be achieved through the sealing interlocking and the penetration depth of the pile to ensure the safety of the foundation pit.

Saturation line

Like hot-rolled steel sheet piles, the water seal effect of WR series steel sheet piles is related to various factors. The water seal of steel sheet pile can be divided into natural seal and artificial seal.

(1) Natural sealing refers to the use of suspended solids or soil on the back of steel sheet piles, sand and other fine particulate matter to plug the interlocking gap, as shown in the following figure:

(2) Artificial sealing can be done before or after the sinking of steel sheet piles.

The mixtures of ordinary asphalt, butter and sawdust are uniformly applied to the interlocking interior.

(2) The sealing materials of water expansion are interlocked evenly, sealing both ends and exterior of the interlocking, and then the sealing is removed during piling at the construction site. The effect of this method is remarkable.

(3) Various super manual seals

The water-hardening liquid water-sealing material of the special resin mainly composed of polyurethane and ethyl formate is directly poured into the interlock of sheet piles for sale and dried naturally. The material expands gradually after contacting with water and then acts as a water-sealing material.

(4) Magnetic sealant

This is a kind of soft rubber strip with super magnetic force inside. Its shape can be designed according to the shape of interlocking. After construction, the sealing strip is embedded in the interlocking connection area of steel sheet pile on water surface. The sealing strip has a significant effect on the supporting foundation, and the change of water pressure is small, as shown in the following figure:

Magnetic sealing strip

In good conscience, besides vertical interlocking seals, water seals should be set between steel sheet piles in the connection area, between steel sheet piles and ring (or bottom) and between steel sheet piles and pull rods (anchors). Waterproof protection or joint structure measures for underground engineering are carried out by welding waterproof washers or sealing coatings or other technical measures.

The sealing effect of steel sheet pile may be different under different conditions. Here are some examples:

(1) Factors related to steel sheet piles

The corrosion degree of steel sheet piles;

(2) Bending and warping of steel sheet piles

(2) Related factors of construction environment

(1) hydraulic pressure;

(2) Water quality (turbidity);

(3) Soil conditions (buried foundation and back soil and sand);

4. Interlocking blockage degree of soil and sand

(3) Building related factors

Meshing state of steel sheet pile;

Inclination and rotation of steel sheet piles


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