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Sectional modulus, durability and corner connections of steel sheet piles

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Section modulus
When it is necessary to increase the local flexural capacity of steel sheet piles by increasing the cross-section modulus or moment of inertia, it is most economical to weld the steel sheet piles with appropriate size on the sheet piles to improve their local mechanical properties. This is more economical than simply selecting a large section steel sheet pile, especially when the sheet pile is long or the selected sheet pile itself is the largest model.
In the more serious parts of the corrosion, can be in the type 2 and U-shaped steel sheet piles surface welding a steel plate, used to improve durability. The need for additional welded steel plates to replace the large-section piles, depending on the engineering conditions, when the steel sheet pile in the local only has a high corrosive, in its surface is often the most economical plate with steel sheet pile combination wall solution .
Corner connector
Lists the corner connections for ArcelorMittal hot-rolled sheet piles. The connections shall be welded together with the main structure in accordance with the requirements of the sheet-pile structure (EN12063) and at the top of the sheet pile. The corner connections may also be formed by: (D) Single-section bending 25; ② two pile bending 50 connection


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