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Shandong Binzhou Larsen steel sheet piles

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The choice of piling method must be considered before the surrounding environment and noise and vibration requirements are not required for each site without noise, no vibration, as long as the noise and vibration control in the acceptable range, you can save cost and duration The steel sheet piles .

Shandong Binzhou Larsen steel sheet piles

   In addition, you can also use the combination of piling method, for example, in the environment demanding period of time using static pressure method, in the demanding period of time with the impact hammer to the steel sheet to the design elevation 112 regulatory guidance Local regulators may be piling Prior to or during the piling process to develop and implement some restrictions. In order to avoid this situation, the best way is to reach a consensus in advance with the local government to reach an agreement "agreed to construction" agreement "steel structure design Part 5: steel sheet pile" on people can tolerate the vibration limits, buildings minor damage The standard gives detailed advice. This part has been removed from the newly revised EN19935 because the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) considers it to be more appropriate as a construction standard: although the current British standard does not impose a rigid restriction on vibration or noise, the following three British standard.

    Vibration affects the impact of piling or vibration, even if only some of the dynamic piling will cause the ground vibration, near the pile at the strongest vibration. People are usually sensitive to the ground vibration Some slight vibration can also cause complaints from the local residents caused by the vibration of the steel sheet caused by the damage to the building in the 7,382 in this area of guidance, help to serve very rare, the British standard EN199 of -1998, 52284 and to avoid damage to the appearance of the building. Classification of steel sheet piles Strong ground vibrations may also disturb the soil, causing slopes to be unstable or loose and saturated with granular soil compaction.


    Methods for reducing vibration The problems caused by ground vibration can be avoided by the following methods:

① plan in advance to obtain the agreement to allow construction;

② choose the most appropriate pile driver and piling method;

(3) inform the residents in advance of the construction content and duration of the construction and ensure that the damage to their property is kept to a minimum;

④ before and after the construction of property investigation.


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