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Sheet Pile China

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Shunli Steel Group, the largest manufacturer of cold-rolled steel sheet piling in China was established in 1996. With over 20 years of continuous and stable development, Shunli has occupied a sheet piling production base of 260,000 square meters.


The structure of the sheet pile production base has been well organized by functions such as sheet pile production, tubular pipe pile production, cold-formed steel sections production and storage yard.


Shunli Steel is the main supplier of government projects in China but also a top supplier of worldwide projects including harbor construction, port construction, shipyard construction, cofferdams, excavation projects, bridge constructions and water protections.


Shunli Steel is aiming to offer its clients with one-stop solutions in piling projects. HZ and OZ combi wall systems of Shunli have been applied in many projects around the world.


Shunli Steel, Sheet Pile China.


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