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Sheet Pile Waterproof Sealant

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Many people is asking the waterproof function of the cold-rolled sheet piles, howver, there is no sheet pile which could be 100% waterproof. The most perfect state of sheet pile interlock / clutch is gap-free connected. But as for the sheet pile installation, a certain gap shall be kept during sheet pile production for installation convenience. So waterproof effect shall be achieved by the sealant used at the sheet pile interlock.

Similar to hot-rolled sheet piles, the waterproof effect of SL steel sheet piles is connected with various factors. Waterproof function of steel sheet pile is classified into natural sealing and man-made sealing:

(1) Natural sealing means that interlock gap is filled up with soil or sand in the water or ground.

(2) Man-made sealing could be performed before or after the installation of steel sheet pile.

Materials for man-made sealant are applied into the sheet pile interlock before the installation of steel sheet pile in the following ways: 

A.  A mixture of asphalt, butter and sawdust is traditionally used to internal side of interlock; 

B.  Pouring water-swollen sealant into sheet pile interlocks before installation at the jobsite. When the sealant get contacted with water, they will be expanded and fill up the interlock gap. This is the most effective way to improve the sheet pile waterproof function.

(3) Rubber Seals<o:p>

T shape rubber seals have ever been applied as a method of sealant before sheet pile installation. The rubber seal has been inserted into the sheet pile interlock gaps and get sticked onto the steel sheet pile surface by using the glue. However, this type of sealant is not convenient since the glue will not be so sticky as people’s imagination.

(4) Welding

For the Z sheet piles, which always have been delivered in double pile form, we could make full welding job at the interlock joint to increase its waterproof function before transportation. This method is easy to be applied but we still have to consider pair-to-pair joint during installation.

ShunliSteel is offering various sealing methods according to clients’ requirements.


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