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Sheet Piles FSP


FSP pile can in Japan, South Korea and China production. They are used for many types of temporary works and permanent structure. FSP A type I, II, III, IIA, A III, IV 400mm wide section. FSP V L, L, W II, W III, IV W. Is part of the. Mills can be found in Japan and Fuji. It is. The seawall is shore parallel structure, designed to protect high facilities, such as houses and roads, port facilities or land area of artificial filling. This part aims to provide strength and durability of the largest weight as low as possible, consistent with good driving quality.

The term FSP is sometimes used interchangeably with the seawall; however, as the wharf, wharf or landing ships is almost always referred to as the bulkhead structure. Is one type of structure sheet pile manufacturers remain the most common soil.

The existing seabed in the vicinity of the proposed wall is about -2.0 to +1.0. FSP has been the regional recycling sheet pile to about +3.0 EL. Filling material is dense and very dense gravel and pebbles and boulders. The design of interlocking parts for pitching and driving and results.

Sheet Piles FSP


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