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Sheet Piles STU1000, STU1800, STU2700

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Material type is selected from the available drop-down list.

User definition, steel, concrete, wood, and synthesis. The first connection will be added in the third phase and mining, so click the tab of the third stage. Go to the support menu and select Add bolts. For the initial estimation, it is assumed that the anchor is located at a distance below the top of the wall, equal to one fourth to one third of the height of the exposed wall. The vertical coordinates at the bottom of horizontal section of pile bottom are related to reference level. You will see the Add Bolt dialog box. Ensure that the bolt property is bolt 1 and "Install in Stage:" 3.STU1000 SHEET PILING will automatically determine the value of the material coefficient gamma given in the Dutch Standard, but user-defined gamma must be entered by the user if the bending stiffness varies along the vertical axis of STU1000 and STU 2700 sheet pile manufacturers, several anchor locations need to be considered to obtain The best combination. Note: the length of sheet pile should not exceed 100 meters.

The anchorage force of steel sheet piles calculated in the stability analysis is obtained from the equilibrium of a typical 1-foot slice of the STU 2700 wall. Input the bending stiffness (product of Young's modulus E and moment of inertia I) of the cross section of each running instrument if it has not been imported from the library. Click OK to enter the bolt coordinates. Enter 10,17 as the first coordinate.  Enter the coordinates 18,14 of the second points. Press the Enter key to stop the input points. Various STU1800 anchoring configurations are shown in Figure 2-2.

The width of action width can be used when the effective width changes along the sheet pile (see section 38.1.1). The model is as follows: to set up the connection property, select the "define bolt" from the Properties menu. For bolt 1, change the bolt type to Tieback. STU 1800 or STU 1000 SHEET PILING uses the acting width as the multiplication factor of sheet pile stiffness and all loads, supports and responses, except for normal forces. See formulas in practical systems where anchor supports are supported by discrete rods and walls connected lengthwise.  Another supporting mechanism at its end and away from the wall (which is called "anchor") is provided. The design of rod and longitudinal structure will be discussed in the sixth chapter.

Allow. ELAS. CHARAC. The moment input allows the eigenvalue of the elastic moment M correction coefficient kmod (i.e. no safety factor) to calculate the life of the composite. For the long term, the Dutch standard NEN 6702 specifies a correction factor of 0.45. For the short term, the following paragraphs discuss the capacity of some anchor configurations. The default values of Bond Shear Stiffness and Bond Strength are applicable to bolts anchored in bedrock. A partial safety factor gamma M is input only when the user defined material type is selected.

Soil strength parameters appearing in the equation associated with STU2700 anchor design should be consistent with the properties used for stability design (S-case or Q-case). EL is used in the current chart to help the user check whether the maximum design torque is achieved or not, as shown in Section 6.3.1 in Figure 6.10. In addition, the borehole diameter is set to 50 mm. This ensures that the unbonded part of the bolt does not resist joint movement. Otherwise, the program will automatically apply the following factors (according to the corresponding European code) to calculate the design allowable torque: in all cases, the capacity of the STU 1800 anchor should be sufficient to increase the yield strength of the tie rod (Chapter 6).

Input the STU2700 and STU 1800 reduction coefficient applied to the maximum allowable torque fMmax. The reduction factor may be, for example, the factor beta B < 1 defined in Section 5.2.2 (2) of European Code 3-5, which takes into account the possible lack of shear transfer in the interlocking of sheet piles with single and double STUs. 1800 piles. Allow. ELAS. Design moment. As this bolt is fixed on the sand, as shown, each reduction by 10 times. The design value of the maximum allowable elastic moment Mdesign; EL is automatically calculated by the following formula.

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