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Sheet Piles Type IIW

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Sheet pile IIW can be produced by many steel manufacturers, such as FSP, GSP, ISP, JSP, KSP, NKSP, NS-SP, SKSP, TSP, JFE, JFESP. The size is 600x130x10.3. We work closely with contractors to provide the most practical and economical 2W steel sheet piles.

Steel bars should be covered with at least three inches of concrete to prevent seawater from leaking and causing corrosion. A special form of basement found to be particularly effective in sheet pile manufacturers is used for building underground parking lots.

SP-IIw sheet pile is an ideal material for basement wall construction, because it requires the smallest structural width. All designs and calculations are carried out by ESC and submitted to the contractor for acceptance. For larger depth, it is recommended to use pre-stressed concrete piles. In most cases, this limits the length of the mud line above to between 18 and 101 meters. The cost of concrete piling is much lower than that of steel piles, but the limited depth of these materials are all produced in Chinese factories where large piles are piled and delivered in 2007. ESC has built a custom wall system that allows for 3.2 metre centers and filled king-post sheet piles (3 digits). This design is the reconfiguration of ESC H pile composite series wall.

The material strength limits the length of concrete sheet piles to about 15 to 18 meters. SP-2W sheet piles are also difficult to handle, and it is impractical to use ordinary equipment to drive them. Its features are fully utilized in temporary and permanent situations, and can save a lot of costs and programmers. In fact, steel sheet piles can be close to the boundary of the site, and the walls themselves have the minimum thickness, which means that they can be used to maximize the area of the car and minimize the cost of each compartment.


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