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Sheet Piles VL

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VL sheet piles are produced in the Czech Republic. There are two types, Larssen type and Heosch type. Usually they are provided in the form of a single pile and are easy to handle, stack and tilt in this form. Arelcormittal not only cooperates with the owners, but also carries out field visits and communication from Arcelor during the design and implementation phases of the project. Tolerance: EN 10 248-2 steel grades: S 240 GP, S 270GP and S 355 GP in accordance with EN 10 248-1. VL 601, VL 602 and VL 603 sheet piles are very popular in Europe.

According to the prior arrangement, VL sheet pile manufacturers  can be supplied in pairs and interlocked to minimize the number of site handling and pitching operations. The design of the wall system takes into account the optimum construction method detailed by ThyssenKrupp, and makes corresponding adjustments, while ensuring strict safety factor. VL sheet piles are two sheet piles connected by locking and tightening each other. However, it should be noted that when interlocking, the resulting shape is asymmetrical, and care should be taken when stacking.

On the basis of order sheet, punching has holes with diameter of 40 mm. VL604, VL605, VL606 and VL607 are hot rolled sheet piles. When U-shaped piles interlock before delivery in pairs, two possible directions are observed from the end of the pile.

It is suggested that new wharf walls and related works be constructed at existing facilities in Fuchaila Port, which can be reversed by burning hoist holes. Pile type S punched sheet pile. The free part or crane harness can reach 5000 kg. The scope of the project includes the following structures. The type of VL sheet pile wall used will be embedded sheet pile wall, which is restrained by tie rod to anchor wall of embedded sheet pile.


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