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Sheet Piling Corrosion

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Due to different manufacturing process, hot-rolled and cold-rolled, sheet piles might have different thicknesses.


Sometimes the hot-rolled sheet piles are of 24.3mm thickness, while the equivalent cold-rolled sheet piling might only have 13mm.

Sheet Piling Corrosion

When we guaranteed the section performance could totally meet the original requirement, people will still be doubting about their anti-corrosion performance due to their lower thickness.


But what it is the reality?


Cold-rolled sheet piles have a uniform thickness which means every part of the pile is of the same thickness, while the hot-rolled sheet piles only show their thickest part, flange thickness and web thickness.


We have measured the thickness of hot-rolled larssen piles SPII, SPIII, SPIV and etc, and we found that their thickness at the interlock part is only 6.5-7.5mm, while they have been presented as 10.5mm, 13mm and 15.5mm.


We have also measured the interlock thickness of European hot-rolled sheet piles, and we found that their thickness is 9.5mm.


So when you are doubting about corrosion performance or the thickness of the cold-rolled sheet piles, you should consider that the hot-rolled sheet piles are even thinner at their interlocks, and interlocks are the most important part of the piles, which could connect each pile and form a retaining wall.


Our company, Shunli Steel Group could also offer coating or painting services to our clients. We indoor blasting machine, and indoor painting rooms with professional heating equipments to ensure the working environment of painting process.


For more information about the sheet pile anti-corrosion performance, please contact us freely by visiting www.sheet-piles.com or send mails to 13905190622@139.com


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