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Sheet Piling Type IVW

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The wall is part of the IVW steel sheet pile initiative to help protect and restore lakes - through interventions from wall structures to land use management practices to reduce nutrient leaching from farmland.

4W sheet piles need to be inspected regularly and may be slightly altered. Therefore, users are advised to visit the ThyssenKrupp website to ensure that they use the latest pile type sheet pile manufacturers. However, environmental problems greatly limit the types of solutions allowed for ocean use. If piles longer than 31 meters are needed, they can be spliced on site to produce the required length.

In order to protect SP-IVW steel sheet pile from marine borers or fungi, it can be impregnated with Creosote-Coal Tar or other chemical solutions. Hot-rolled sheet piles can be up to 31 meters long (HZ piles can be up to 33 meters long), but special care should be taken when dealing with longer and lighter parts. In warm weather, wood is attacked by marine borers such as ship borers, Teredo or other crustacean spices. The performance of wood as seawall material is uneven and difficult to control. Some wooden structures continue to watch, but many fail within a few years.

The impact of the wall is being closely monitored to assess whether its success has been adversely affected, including a five-year fisheries monitoring programmer. SP-4W sheet pile has other performance and specifications, such as FSP, GSP, ISP, JSP, KSP, NKSP, NS-SP, SKSP, TSP, JFE, JFESP.


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