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Sheet Piling and Sheet Pile USA

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T he most commonly used steel sheet pile sections in USA is AZ sheet piles (such as AZ26-700, AZ28-800), PZ sheet piles (such as PZ35 sheet piles), JZ sheet piles (such as JZ120 sheet piles) and PZC sheet piles.
I n recent years, with the developing of cold-rolled sheet pile promotions, people in USA are becoming to consider to use cold-rolled sheet piles in some big projects.
S ince the year 2011, Shunli Steel started to export its sheet piles to USA market as following:
1. Guam Project  With Hensel Phelps  Granite Construction JV.
2. Houston Channel Project  HZ combi walls (Sheet Piles + H King Piles)
3. New Orleans Project  HZ combi walls (Sheet Piles + H King Piles)
N umerous orders for the sections equivalent  to AZ26-700 sheet piles have been delivered to USA and sell well in USA market.
Shunli Steel is working well with painting suppliers and knows the clients  anti-corrosion requirement well, Coal Tar Epoxy are the most common used painting in USA piling projects.
F or more information about our piling products, please feel free to contact us.


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