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Sheet pile PU6R/PU7R/PU8R/PU9R/PU10R

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With the optimum distribution of the material, it is the most effective bending strength of the sheet pile section. The fiber that is located outside the wall with the interlocking device, rather than in the center line, such as the part of the arch or the U - shaped sheet pile wall - the designer's section modulus is published. The PZC Z- configuration file is the best part of weight and strength, plus control.

Before the PU8R worktable is installed sheet pile manufacturers, the stone surface is cleaned with PU 6R and PU 7R metal tube. The clean PU 9R is installed on the PU 10R. Then the pressure on the other side looks good, and the strength of the activity is considered not enough. Then the PU 7R is wrapped on the tray to achieve a 25% PU 6R higher than the work load. In some cases, this direct decision may be inaccurate. For example, at the bottom, because of the pressure of water, PU 8R is actually a side effect. Emotional stress is PU 9R, accounting for 50% of the maximum strength. That's why you need some precision to use this option. The correct design of PU 10R can be measured using the stereo power of rock, soil and garbage.

SectioDimensioMaMoment of inertiaModulus of sectio

WidthHeightThicknePer pileWall


PU 66002267.56.445.6766780600
PU 76002268.57.149.983.17570670
PU 86002808.08.054.590.911620830
PU 96002809.08.758.898.012830915
PU 116003608.88.461.8103.0197601095
PU 1660038012.09.074.7124.0304001600
PU 2060043012.410.084.3140.5430002000
PU 2560045214.210.093.6156.0564902500


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