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Sheet pile cage considerations

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For the construction of sheet piles, such projects, the premise of work is necessary to achieve near-perfect, because it is related to the quality of the project. In particular, the problem of raw materials. Steel sheet pile inspection is divided into the following steps:

1、the quality of sheet piles must meet the design requirements and factory technical standards.

2、hit (pressure) the height of steel sheet pile and pile joints node processing must meet the design requirements and construction specifications.

3、The installation and removal of the steel sheet pile support structure must meet the design requirements and be consistent with the design and calculation conditions of the foundation pit support structure.

4、steel sheet pile support settings, verticality, elevation must meet the design requirements. Pile deviation, axis and vertical axis should not exceed 50mm; vertical deviation should not be greater than 0.5%; elevation deviation is not greater than ± 30mm, and the support must be close to the soil wall.

When the water depth is large, commonly used as a steel sheet pile piling positioning and support. Assemble the enclosure on the shore or on a barge first, transport it to the pier for positioning, and insert a stake in the enclosure. Fix the bail on the positioning post, then insert the steel sheet pile in the guide frame around the bail. When installing the cage, it should be measured and positioned, with a layer of guide cage made of cage, the general is first positioning pile, and then positioning peg mounted on the guide frame, the guide frame can be composed in the shore, floating in place to Cable anchor 碇, insert the sheet pile at the beginning of the step, the guide frame will be gradually transferred to the laid sheet pile, with a scaffold of the turntable or rotary pile frame, the guide frame can be mounted on the outside Foot pile on the pile. When using floating carousel or rotary pedestal, it is generally best to lay the pedestal Larson steel pile price should be adapted to the turbulent market again with the rotating pedestal before installing the guide frame with the rotating pedestal.


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