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Sheet pile construction management

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1 Overview

As the most important part of the structure, pile foundation bears all static and dynamic loads of the structure and transfers them to the foundation to ensure the normal use of the structure under safe conditions and minimize the losses caused by unexpected disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. Therefore, the construction management of pile foundation engineering is particularly important. Construction management refers to the management or control of construction process. Pile foundation construction management usually includes construction organization, planning, technology, quality, safety, equipment, material, finance, cost and civilized construction site, among which quality control is the most important link. We must attach great importance to the responsibility of the construction unit, supervision unit, owner and relevant departments. It is the key to eliminate hidden dangers, reduce accident losses, avoid hidden dangers and prevent major accidents. Key.

2 Quality Control

Pile driving modes are divided into dynamic settlement (hammering and vibration) and static settlement (i.e. pile top).

Before sinking, it is necessary to formulate a detailed construction organization plan, closely investigate the hydrological conditions, meteorological phenomena, geology, landform, existing building materials or old buildings (or obstacles) in the construction area, and analyze construction difficulties and possible problems. In order to ensure the effective and safe progress of construction, appropriate measures should be taken while sheet pile manufacturers using appropriate building equipment and equipment.

(1) Pile driving on water

Particular attention should be paid to the quality control of underwater pile driving with high difficulty and multiple influencing factors. Its control points are as follows:

(1) Provide airborne equipment, whose wind resistance (ship), flow resistance, lifting capacity and sinking capacity (piling barge) meet the requirements. In addition, a sufficient number of tractors and tugboats with sufficient capacity should be provided.

Second, we must pay attention to the analysis of geological and geomorphological information. It should be noted that the steep slope gradient in the pile driving area may lead to the side sliding of the pile, which may increase the deviation of the pile sinking plane. On the other hand, due to the increase of pore water pressure during vibration and sinking, landslides may occur, so special attention should be paid to this situation.

(3) We must pay attention to the influence of wave force and drag force on pile driving process and conditions. Wave force and resistance will not only affect the plane accuracy of the pile position, but also have a negative impact on the pitch of the pile. The placement of piles should be advanced or delayed according to the direction of flow and the speed of water during the placement of piles. When piling or sinking, it is necessary to prevent the effects of surges, waves, ship waves and gales.


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