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Sheet piling supporting balanced anchorage

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When designing the balanced anchor,  sheet piling is assumed that the resistance increases as the depth increases, which is a triangular distribution. The top of the anchor plate is assumed to be located at 1/3 of the total depth of the subterranean anchor. The steel Tie rod or tendon is at a depth of 23 (the center line of the anchor plate is connected to the anchor plate.) This arrangement ensures that the anchor force passes the passive resistance center.
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The front end of the anchor plate and its top form a complete passive area is the premise of the formation anchorage resistance, which is the premise of the formation anchorage resistance, which is an additional resistance can be added to the passive resistance to obtain the total anchorage resistance, which is The shear force between the wedge at the front of the anchor and the soil on both sides.
Anchorage in cohesive soil, if the tension cracks parallel to the bolt development, you can ignore the top of the soil resistance. Continuous anchor can play the maximum resistance of soil, so the design of discrete anchorage, you must ensure that the resistance exceeds this Value.


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