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Shunli Delivered 2,000MT of Pipe Pile to Middle East

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Shunli delivered around 2,000MT of pipe piles to Middle East last week and caught up with the designated vessel on time.
This is the first shipment for the whole pipe pile order and less than 1/3 of the total quantity. The lengths of the pipe piles are 24m to 33m, in steel grade S355. Some pipe piles are equipped with C9 connector.
At the same time, all the QA/QC documents for this shipment of pipe pile have been handed over to the client. The documents have included:
1. Raw material Certificates for the pipe piles including MTC and Re-test Certificates.
2. Material traceability report
3. Welding control documents including WPS and PQR.
4. Personnel’s certifications such as Welders’ Qualification Certificates, NDT personnel’s certificates and all necessary certificates.
5. Pipe pile identifications which has included all the test results for the pipes such as on-line UT and manual UT. 
6. Pipe pile body tensile test reports.
The difficulty for this pipe order was the delivery time but thanks to the good relationship between Shunli and BaoSteel, Shunli finished the production of the first 2,000MT pipe piles in a very short time including the welding job of the C9 clutch.
Shunli is now working on the rest of the pipe piles and has already well organized the production plan for the pipe piles 


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