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Skill Analysis of Steel Sheet Pile for Steel Sheet Pile Support

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Larsen steel sheet pile is used for revetment works, excavation works, construction of the basic works of steel. The steel sheet pile mainly comprises a sheet pile, a combined support pile and a tubular support pile.

In the construction of the role of steel piles used in the file soil, in the base to the depth of the floor is not enough to use the time to use; steel piles usually use piling machine into the soil.

Playing steel sheet pile skills:

In order to ensure the accuracy of steel sheet pile to use the screen into the law. First with a crane to hang the steel sheet pile to the pile at the point of the pile, insert the bolt when the lock to be aligned, each insert a piece of cap on the pile gently hammering. In the process of piling, in order to ensure the vertical degree, with two theodolite in two directions to be controlled. In order to prevent the center of the lock plane displacement, piling in the direction of the steel sheet pile lock at the card board to prevent the displacement of sheet pile. At the same time in the purlin on the pre-calculated the location of each plate in order to check the correction at any time.

Steel sheet pile into several times into the first time from 20m high hit to 15m, the second hit to 10m, the third hit to guide beam height, to be guided after the demolition of the fourth time to hit the design elevation. Piling, began to set the first and second steel plate into the location and direction to ensure accuracy, How to Identify the Quality of Larsen Steel Sheet Piles each 1m measured once.


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