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Special equipment for steel washers for gaskets and field assembly

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The dimensions of plates and gaskets are available from the manufacturer's data sheet or from their website.
While allowing the rod shaft rotation measures: ① the forging band ring rod fixed to the sheet pile bracket; ② with nuts and pads of the spherical base or can be 0 to the preset angle between the rotation of the cone-shaped pad board. The second method is suitable for those who have an initial corner but can not change position in use.
The field assembly rods are assembled from the rods, supported at the appropriate height, with the tensioner or tightening of the nuts on one end not by tensioning the end nuts. Several common connections for tie rods and purlins.
The drawbar is best performing in the purely stretched state, so the pole should be in this state as far as possible. The following is the recommended rod installation procedure for cold-formed steel sheet piles:
① backfill to the rod installation height of about 150mm below
②Place the sandbag on every side of the connector tensioner or hinged joint.
③Install a settling tube above the tie rod (check for possible installation of the articulated or articulated tensioner)
④ with a tensioner or connector assembly rod thread at the minimum bolt length is 1 × thread nominal diameter
⑤ tension anchor from the anchor outside the wall to eliminate relaxation.
⑥ Tighten the tensioner.
⑦ placed in the sedimentation tube above the sand filler.
⑧ backfill to the required height.
The above installation steps are only for simple cases. Other operations may be considered, such as the use of pre-tensioning rods to pull the sheet pile backfill before the final backfill, and then stress to prevent the rod from moving due to subsequent loading. Consult the steel rod manufacturers.


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