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Spiral steel pipe pile which the main indicators of hardness

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Characteristics of Spiral Steel Pipe Pile and Spiral Steel Pipe Pile of Alloy Steel The ratio of the diameter and the wall thickness of a spiral welded pipe of less than 20 is called a steel pipe spiral steel pipe pile. It is mainly used for petroleum geological drilling pipe, oil cracking pipe, boiler tubes, automobiles, tractors, aviation And other sophisticated structural pipe pipes and bearings.
Spiral steel pipe pile processing is the most common product, so spiral development of welded pipe most traders and end-users concerned. Spiral welded steel pipe products, the price is relatively high products to spiral steel pipe pile material is divided into two types: carbon Steel spiral steel pipe pile and spiral welding alloy.
pipe pile
Spiral steel pipe, the largest amount of all products, steel spiral pipe pile can be divided into 20 or # 45 # divided into two categories. I welcome customers to order a variety of carbon steel spiral steel pipe piles, spiral steel pipe pile alloy products .
The maximum difference in the thickness of the thin wall of the welded pipe is generally thin walled steel plate cold drawing technique, and spiral welded pipe is usually used for hot rolling, if used units of measure to distinguish measures, then the wall thickness is generally Considered equal to 0.02 pots Spiral steel pipe piles and thin-walled steel pipe wall thickness / diameter of less than 0.02 is a thin-walled steel pipe, spiral steel pipe pile than the use of larger, the use of thin-walled steel pipe. Spiral steel pipe piles used in different parts of hollow billet. The use of an important channel for pressure.
The main features of the spiral pipe hardness: the Vickers hardness of the method used to fix the thin metal surface layer and has a major advantage of Brinell hardness, Rockwell, and overcome the fundamental shortcomings, but it is not a simple method Rock Weir. The Vickers method is a material that is rarely used in standard steel wire standards, the most widely used Brinell hardness, and often indentation diameter d, which is both easy and intuitive. Rockwell is used to determine the hardness of the Brinell hardness, which can However, due to the small indentation of steel pipe pile support prices, therefore, the hardness of the machine is a very thin, extremely hard metal, which does not make up, the simpler method is Brinell. The cloth for the precise method is better.
Spiral Steel Pipe Pile Test Vickers Hardness Description: Hardness Test Vickers also cut the test method by pressing the predetermined surface of the test surface after the selected test force (F) of the rectangular pyramidal diamond body 1360 between the opposing Angle hold time Movable test load , Measure indentation diagonal length two. Vickers hardness is the indentation test force derived from the surface area of ​​the resulting strand, which is calculated because the partition: where HV - Vickers hardness sign, Newton / mm2 (MPa) The average two diagonal marks are millimeters. The Vickers hardness test force F applied was 5 (49.03), 10 (98.07), 20 (196.1) 30 (294.2) 50 (490.3) 100 (980.7) kg (N ) And the remaining six, In the value of 5 ° 1000HV.
Metal materials can withstand the ability of surface indentation hard objects, known as hardness. It can be divided into Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, Shore hardness, microhardness and high temperature hardness according to the test method and the screen.


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