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Sponge City - Application of steel sheet piles

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Every year hundreds of millions of tons of precipitation fall from the atmosphere to the city, most of the precipitation directly into the city's sewers, rivers and lakes or gutters. In recent years, the sudden increase in the amount of rain in summer, making flooding In many areas, resulting in huge economic losses. So the country is implementing the "sponge city" plan to control, collect and re-use of precipitation. There are currently 30 pilot cities in the implementation of the plan.
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What is the sponge city?
Sponge city, is a new generation of urban rainwater management concept, refers to the city to adapt to environmental change and response to natural disasters caused by rain has a good "elastic", also known as "water-elastic city." Internationally termed " Low impact development of rainwater system construction ". Rain when the water, water, water seepage, clean water, if necessary, the storage of water" release "and be used.
In December 2012, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in his speech at the Central Urbanization Work Conference that the concept of "sponge city" was first put forward in the "2012 Low Carbon City and Regional Development Technology Forum" To give priority to the limited rain to stay, give priority to more use of natural forces of drainage, the construction of natural deposits, natural infiltration, natural purification sponge city.
How to improve the city's water-holding capacity?
The concrete in the foundation retaining wall to steel sheet piles retaining wall, you can immediately improve the city's water capacity for underground aquifers to add water to prevent the settlement of the city led to subsidence. Retaining wall retaining wall which acts only as a retaining wall Is replaced by a permanent concrete wall instead of a steel sheet piles wall, which can serve as a good water retaining effect. The permanent concrete wall to steel sheet piles wall, can be doubled to improve the construction speed, in the construction is completed, The steel sheet piles can be pulled out again. Of course, the steel sheet piles wall can also be used as a permanent support program, its advantage is more than the concrete wall to save space.
Jiangsu Shunli, China's largest manufacturer of cold-formed steel sheet piless, recommended the use of force brand steel sheet piles products, to minimize the construction of sponge city steel sheet piles in the process of steel, reduce project costs.

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