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Steel Grade and Dimension Tolerance of Hot Rolled Sheet Pile


Hot-rolled sheet piles have been used all over the world. In every country, they have their own popular hot-rolled parts. Like in Europe, Arcelor sheet piles and Thyssecrupp sheet piles are the most popular. Likewise in the Czech Republic, 601 602 Larssen sheet piles are dominant. In Europe, S355 GP and S390GP cover more than 90% of sheet pile products. You can stack S240GP, S270GP, S355GP, S390GP and S430GP products (according to European standard EN 10248). The sheet pile is produced directly from the beam blank to its final shape in the form of heat. Therefore, the plant can control the steel grades very easily.

In the United States, the major plate sheet pile manufacturers. The most popular steel grades are ASTM A572 50, 55, 60 and 65. ASTM standards are also popular in central America and Latin America.

Hot-rolled sheet piles were first produced in Aisa, Japan. JIS standard and steel grade SY295 and SY390 are the only two grades available. Although rolling mill production in Korea and China has increased by more steel, steel is still like that in Japan.

Hot rolled steel is widely used in composite walls, such as HZM and Sp walls, which have larger section modulus and moment inertia.

The most popular dimension tolerance standard is part 1 and Part 2 of EN10248, which specifies the technical conditions for the delivery of sheet piles. In our factory, all steel sheet piles can be provided with operation holes (diameter 50 mm, distance 200 mm from the top), as double-deck and crushed sheet piles with anti-corrosion protection. Any surface coating shall be notified at the time of ordering.

Special piles, corners and various tie bars and anchors can be provided as required. We can always provide piles with sealing materials, such as waterproof film pre-injected into the factory, without any trouble on site. The membrane we provide is called Wadit. It is the best waterproofing method so far. It is specially used in sheet pile market all over the world.


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