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Steel Sheet Pile Locking Welding and Circular structure

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Crimping and welding of Steel Sheet Piles locking
Two steel sheet piles can be crimped or welded together. Usually 3 to 4 crimp points per meter are required, and other forms may be used if desired. Each crimp point must be capable of withstanding a shear force of 75 n with an offset of less than 5 mm.
Steel Sheet Piles
Sheet pile round structure:
The steel sheet pile can have a deflection angle of 5 in the absence of a corner pile. Enclose a circle. The maximum number of single cofferdams of AuPu, PJR and GU piles [5] is the approximate number of circular cofferdams enclosed by different types of steel sheet piles. Since the actual pinhole offset is related to the approximate minimum diameter of the long pile section and the minimum U-shaped pile data required for reference only. The use of curved corner piles can reduce the cofferdam and penetration depth and other factors, and thus the corrugated  steel sheet piles cofferdam diameters in the use of crimped or welded pile can increase the cofferdam diameter.

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