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Steel Sheet Piles for Bridge Pier Column Construction

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The anti-piping safety factor flow network can calculate the hydraulic gradient at the seepage outlet below the construction surface of the steel sheet piles cofferdam. The hydraulic gradient 1 is defined as the head loss per unit length along the seepage direction and is a dimensionless number In the above example, the outlet hydraulic gradient can be solved by the following equation.
The force gradient cloud anti-piping safety factor is approximately the cross-section of the steel sheet piles cofferdress, which is similar to the one shown in this example. For square or circular cofferdams, the three-dimensional characteristics of the seepage flow will have A further effect on the head loss in the soil between the sheet pile walls, and the head loss in the cofferdam should be corrected.
In this case,
Cross-river cofferdam When the pipeline crossing the river bed but can not cut off the river when the steel sheet pile cofferdam need two or more construction section.
Slope steel sheet pile cofferdams (piers and riverbanks) This cofferdam to the land-side is often subjected to a greater load due to earth pressure and construction loads, and special measures are required to overcome this imbalance. According to the site conditions, the following Recommended the four common methods, steel purlin manufacturers in the selection should also have a detailed security argument:
Method A: excavation of land side soil;
Method B: fill the cofferdam on the side of water;
Method C: Use anchor anchor;
Method D: Use bracing inside the cofferdam.


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