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Steel pipe pile product comparison Introduction: A500 VS A513

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A common problem, A500 and A513 steel pipe pile differences between the materials came time to buy. Clients often assume specifications are interchangeable, but when our in-depth study of the specification, we see a significant difference.
Steel pipe pile products
What is the A500 steel pipe pile?
A500 steel pipe pile has many different names - square and rectangular, it is called the structure, or high speed steel (or hollow structural section). Rounds are usually called out structural tube or pipe size pipe. A500 product applications require load-bearing applications in. Because of its aesthetic appeal, A500 is often used in such well-known architectural wonders Cleveland Rock Hall display, OH. When you order A500 tubing from the factory, you are using the subway, or material test reports, not only shows for the manufacture of the chemical composition of steel coil tube, and the yield, tensile properties and extend the offer. The physical properties of the report is one of the main differences between the A500 and the A513 material.
What is the A513 steel pipe pile?
A513 steel pipe pile mechanical tubing, requiring tighter tolerances, but does not involve a plurality of load-bearing properties of the material itself, consumer-based applications. A513 applications may include the use of recreational vehicles or parts mower handle.


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