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Steel sheet pile - Application and basic design issues


High-intensity housing in urban centres has led to many complex problems related to earthwork and foundations that must be addressed. The owner of the project must ensure the number of parking spaces, which in turn requires a 2-3-storey underground parking lot.

It is especially difficult to realize in the dense buildings in the old urban areas sheet pile manufacturers. Besides the engineering problems, it also puts forward very strict requirements for heritage protection and supervision. To ensure the stability of excavated side walls, it is necessary to deal with the analysis of adjacent structural foundations, and to strengthen them in the stage of installation of excavated protective walls, excavation and construction of basement floors. A separate problem refers to the need to build an underground layer below the groundwater level.

This requires long-term lowering of groundwater levels during the excavation process, while possibly limited intervention in hydrological regimes other than ongoing projects. In valleys such "hoarding" and "hoarding" excavation and cutting off groundwater can cause temporary or permanent disturbance of groundwater runoff and local expansion.

The traditional methods of protecting vertical faults and cutting off groundwater inflow at the same time include the application of steel sheet piles. They can construct the whole reinforced concrete structure of the underground layer, thus ensuring the compactness and high rigidity of its foundation. Depending on the situation, steel sheet piles can be retrieved or retained in situ.

This study deals with the selection of sheet pile engineering design and manufacture for deep foundation pit and underground part of buildings.


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