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Steel sheet pile is also regarded as the foundation of the bridge

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Steel sheet pile has also played a very important role in engineering. During the construction of steel sheet pile, it is also more cumbersome. Every step should be extra careful to avoid accidents. The quality and progress of the whole project will probably be affected if no reasonable pile driving or work is not done. At the same time, steel sheet piles are widely used in bridges. So the main reason for their application in engineering is good effect and low cost. Next, Wuxi Heng Yong construction is going to give you a detailed introduction to the role of steel sheet piles. We can talk about the steel sheet pile in three aspects.

First, the economy, the price of the steel sheet pile is high, whether it is in the purchase or lease is very convenient and practical;

Secondly, we want to say is the construction of the foundation, in certain conditions (N value of less than 30), according to the routine should be used to expand based on the pile foundation, the constraint effect of steel sheet pile bearing stratum, the foundation is again possible; seismic resistance, steel sheet pile can resist vibration. Daily safety protection;

Finally, the steel sheet pile is used in the project, What is the construction process of steel sheet piles which can be greatly shortened in the time limit, improve the efficiency of the work and ensure the safety.


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