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Steel sheet pile laying several commonly used methods of pile driving

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The application of steel sheet piles is very extensive, including various construction environments and locations such as flood diversion, water system construction, flood control, protective dike, tunnel, protective slope, bridge construction, railway, high speed, wharf and sewerage. The appearance of multiple steel piles connected like a wall of iron walls, very strong steel.

Steel sheet pile construction is an easy task, the more commonly used steel sheet pile laying pile driving methods are: impact pile driving, vibration pile driving, static pile, the following look at the impact of pile driving is divided into what steps are completed ?

1、the impact of pile driving According to the number of pile driving and construction conditions selection of pile driving machinery, according to the technical performance requirements of the operation and construction.

2、check before use of steel piles, do not meet the requirements should be trimmed.

3、I-beam pile single root sinking, steel sheet piles around the law sink, in order to ensure the vertical and smooth walls.

4、steel sheet piles around the brackets Wai pylons must be vertical, Wai level, set the correct location, solid and reliable.

5、steel sheet pile to 10-20 for a period.

6、the steel sheet pile Wai in the corner of the two pile wall of the 10 pile axis adjusted closed, can not be closed, where the two can be lapped, the back to waterproofing.

7、before sinking the steel piles directly and fixed in the piles pile cap bayonet, and then pull the pound hammer hit the I-beam piles vertically into place or steel piles lock into the adjacent pile lock, the first 2- 3 empty hammer, and then gently hammer to stabilize the pile, check the pile and the verticality is correct, before sinking pile.

8、pile sinking process, at any time to test the pile verticality and correction.

9、pile driving process,How does the price of steel sheet pile be calculated found that the center line of the pile driver guide frame must be adjusted in time.


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