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Steel sheet piles Cantilever Anchor and Grouting Anchor

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steel sheet piles cantilever anchor
When the better soil layer covered with soft soil layer can be considered when setting up cantilever anchorage. This type of anchorage can be used to set the bar 4.8 With the same design method with the cantilever wall, cold-formed steel plate pile must penetrate enough depth to reach the appropriate soil fixed pile toes. The traditional method is used to compute the earth pressure. An additional load is used to represent the anchor force. The whole system is analyzed to determine the pile length required to stabilize the upper part of the toe under loading. In addition, additional length is required To secure the pile toe, it is necessary to ensure that the force acting on the anchor is balanced in the horizontal direction.
steel sheet piles
Cantilever anchorage bending moment is generally larger, therefore, as far as possible to avoid the use of, relative to the cantilever anchored inclined pile is a more economical choice.
steel sheet piles grouting anchor
The grouting anchor is composed of steel bar, steel bar or steel wire rope. The whole anchor rod is divided into free section and anchorage section. One end of anchor rod is connected with sheet pile and the other end is deep into formation. Grouting in the anchor section, the free section of the tensile force to the depths of the soil, the free section is not to ensure that the grouting load in the potential slip surface outside the transmission. Installation of the grouting anchor is usually carried out by a specialist.


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