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Steel sheet piles Coffer Seal Seal and Sump

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Although the steel sheet piles wall can prevent water seepage, but still difficult to ensure that the cofferdam is not leaking, in order to dry infiltration of cofferdam water, more effective approach is to set up drains and water puddles, and then pump the water drained .
steel sheet piles
As the cofferdam near the corner of the hydraulic gradient so the sump should be far away from the wall and the corner. Pumps in the pumping will also take away soil particles, if not properly set the pumping pipe will disturb the excavation surface, causing wall Movement, which can be placed in the sump of perforated pipe, the pumping pipe fixed to reduce damage.
Seal water
The s teel sheet piles cofferdam on the land has reduced the water seepage to a certain extent because of the filling in the lock mouth, but still must consider the use seal water stop agent. In granular soils, coating the sealant within the lock port can reduce The amount of water entering the sheet pile cofferdam, that reducing pumping costs significantly greater than the cost of using the sealant. For the cofferdam in the water, in order to prevent the cofferdam leakage, should use the sealant. If you want to steel sheet piles in the construction of cofferdam after the completion of water, commonly used method is to ash and sawdust mixture into the water outside the cofferdam along the flow into the lock, so as to achieve the sealing effect. If it is not possible to take measures On the outside of the cofferdam, such as a cofferdam on land, it is necessary to seal it on the inside. Latex putty or other types of plastic caulking products may be used. The key is to prevent water pressure sealant to squeeze out, so The sealing material to squeeze into the lock as much as possible inside the seal and the scope of the lock to exceed the radius of the corner.


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