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Steel sheet piles Non - cohesive soil survey

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Non-cohesive soil (gravel, sand, etc.)
Sealed tank or sample bag is usually disturbed by the analysis of the laboratory to introduce the sheet pile in situ test   steel sheet piles results and the relative density of non-cohesive soil relationship.
1) Standard penetration test (in situ density)
When a thick-walled sample pipe with an outside diameter sm is driven into the bottom of the borehole, the soil resistance encountered can be approximated as the relative density of soil. Since the borehole would cause loosening of the bottom of the borehole, the initial 50 m penetration was negligible. The hammer weight of the standard penetration test was 64 kg and the distance was 760 mm. The test piece was allowed to fall freely, and the number of hammering of the penetrator 300 m was recorded.
It is possible to distinguish the false values ​​of fine-grained soils when the groundwater pressure is great. In some cases, it is possible to place the test equipment into the borehole while hitting the bottom of the borehole,  Steel sheet piles at which point it is impossible to create an actual Conditionally close to the test environment,
2) Shear box test This test is used to determine the internal friction angle of the soil. Due to the free drainage of granular soils, excess pore water pressure in the soil is rapidly disappearing even under fast loading conditions. Therefore, the result of the shear box test is the effective value (f).
3) Granularity component analysis test: This test consists of two steps. First, the coarser particles are separated by sieving. The Z-shaped steel sheet piles cofferdam then separates the finer particles by special sedimentation process, which is usually Said wet analysis.


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