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Steel sheet piles cofferdam hydraulic tools - flow network

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Streaming is a very useful tool that not only helps the designer to calculate the water pressure under special conditions, but also provides an intuitive representation of the state of the flow in the soil.
The shape and complexity of the drift-net are related to the homogeneity and permeability of the soil. The main points of the flow net in homogeneous soil are listed below.
1) scale the cross-section;
2) in the cross-sectional selection of impervious boundary or steel pile cofferdam under the elevation surface the datum plane;
3) determine the seepage standard;
4) Outside water level plane;
5) within the water level;
6) steel sheet piles cofferdam centerline symmetry axis;
7) The flow lines must be parallel to the cofferdam walls and the impermeable datum plane.
In accordance with the above points, according to the streamline and equipotential lines can draw the flow network (above the base surface of the same equipotential line at any point, the height of the riser H is the same. The process of the need for repeated Trial, a wealth of experience will help improve the speed and accuracy of the flow network to calculate the pore water pressure U at any point (using the example above)
Calculate the total head of the required point (Note that the total head difference between nearby equipotential lines of the HZ composite sheet pile manufacturer is always the same once the stream network is formed).


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