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Steel sheet piles system - Anchor plate position

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Anchor plate position For an effective anchorage system, the anchor plate must lie outside the potential slip surface behind the steel sheet piles wall, outside the D-line of Figure 43. If it is located within the unstable soil or slip surface will limit the Development of passive resistance, whereby weakening the anchor strength.
If the anchor plate is located between the CA and the DE, only the partial resistance can be obtained due to the crossing of the main and passive slip surfaces. At this time, the anchorage bearing capacity can be calculated by theoretical calculation.
In the cohesive soil, the correct position of the anchor plate should be outside the critical sliding arc and enough distance from the wall to exert the shear bearing capacity of the soil to reach the ultimate bearing capacity of the anchorage system.
The anchoring plate may be composed of intermittent or continuous retaining walls in such a position that the passive sliding wedge of the toe wall of the anchor wall does not coincide with the active slip zone behind the main wall.
The soil passive resistance (passive earth pressure-active earth pressure) is used to calculate the retaining structure under the most unfavorable operating conditions. If the designer steel sheet piles price is considered to have wall friction under all load conditions (the conservative approach is to ignore It, wall friction should be considered when calculating the earth pressure coefficient. However, changes in groundwater levels and external loads exerted on the active side of the anchoring system maximize the disturbance load and minimize the recovery load.
In the normal use limit state, the anchorage system should have enough bearing capacity to resist the movement, the rod has enough resistance to meet the limit load requirements.


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