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Supporting Layout of sheet piling Cofferdam Structure Design

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In the design of sheet piling cofferdam, the supporting arrangement is the most critical. The vertical arrangement of the support determines the bending moment of the sheet pile, and the horizontal arrangement determines the difficulty of the internal construction of the structure. In order to Ensure the integrity of the main structure of the supporting structure must be linked with the permanent structure of the system together to minimize the interference of the main structure, the overall principle is as simple as possible.
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The position of the support frame shall be such that after completion of the pouring of the concrete slab, the load is transferred to the main structure when the support is removed. When installing the bracket, consider the clearance between the upper and lower supports. Optimize the supporting arrangement as much as possible to form a large working space, and avoid the use of large cross-section structural components, which often require rich design experience.
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