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TB460,17MHS,TB590,TB700,S1030,TB520 Macalloy tie bar and tie rod system for sheet pilling

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The Mike roller rod is also called the pull rod, the pull rod, the post tensioning system and so on, with tb460 tb520 tb590 and tb700 steel grade. Sheet piles are used in many challenging environments, so the factors that affect the service life of the rod must be considered. There are several options, including painting and heavy, but the most common form is a protective barrier containing oxygen scavenger bags, such as the range of electrical products.

End Terminations - Spherical nuts, standard nuts, standard washers, spherical washers, taper washers, fork termination, spade termination and paddle connectors

Joints - Fork and spade articulated joints, ball joints, plate and socket articulated joints, turnbuckles and couplers.

Product names for the range relates to the yield strength. The four following ranges are available:

Steel gradeMin Yield strengthMin Tensile strengthElongatioDiameterStandard


TB460 17MHS46061019M42-M105DIN EN 1993-5
Macalloy 50050055012M42-M105DIN EN 1993-5
TB520 S52052066019M42-M105DIN EN 1993-5
TB590 S59059080012M42-M105DIN EN 1993-5
TB700 S70070090012M42-M105DIN EN 1993-5
Macalloy 103083510306M42-M105DIN EN 1993-5

All the ranges sheet pile manufacturers are available in outer thread diameters (bar diameter in brackets) M42 (39mm), M48 (45mm), M56 (52mm), M64 (60mm), M76 (72mm), M85 (82mm), M90 (87mm), M100 (97mm) and M105 (102mm)

The Macro plate pile system or the pile rod system also has the 17mhs Macro 500 Macro 1030 steel grade.

The exposed end can be protected with an anchorage cap with an electrical gap filling. The most common form of protection is electric tape and PVC. Electrical tape is a cold application, keeping the plastic in a wide range of temperature. It does not harden and does not crack. It has strong resistance to mineral acid, alkali, salt and microorganism, and has high water permeability to water, water vapor and gas.


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