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The Method of Determining the Limit State of the Tie Rod Accurately

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Due to a variety of factors, such as soil retaining material and soil arching effect within the soil, rod force is difficult to accurately determine. For security. In the traditional design method, the safety factor is quite large, which reflects the uncertainty of the method: the limit state method is adopted, and the rod force is obtained by the limit equilibrium method The force is multiplied by a correction factor of 185. The calculated force of the cold-formed sheet piles plate pile-soil interaction analysis is not modified, because the soil arch has been considered in the analysis.
In many cases, pre-tensioning of the tie rods can be used to exert the passive resistance of the soil, thereby reducing the deformation of the rod, and it is necessary to check the elongation of the rod under design load.
In addition, rod drawdowns due to tie-bar loosening or fill-down may also be considered. As the bending stress on the anchor plate increases the local tensile stress of the tie rod and the shear stress occurs when the rod is moved, the composite stress caused by the filler must be considered in the design. It is usually achieved by setting the hinge joint or settling tube To solve this problem


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