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The advantages and disadvantagesof SSAW steel pipe

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In the production process of SSAW steel pipe, a series of matters need to be paid attention to. In addition to the following test items, in accordance with API standards and other relevant standards and special requirements of some users, destructive tests on steel, steel pipes, etc. are required, including factory sampling of the physical and chemical properties of raw materials, and visual inspection of 100% steel.

SSAW steel pipe

The advantages of SSAW steel pipe:

High productivity. On the one hand, the length of the welding wire is shortened, and the current and current density are increased, thereby greatly improving the penetration depth of the arc and the deposition efficiency of the welding wire. Generally, the penetration depth on one side without slotting can reach 20mm. On the other hand, due to the thermal insulation effect of the flux and slag, the arc basically has no heat radiation loss, and welding spatter is also very small. Although the heat loss of molten flux has increased, the overall thermal efficiency is still greatly improved.

The weld seam is of high quality. The protective effect of air slag is good, the welding parameters can be automatically adjusted and stabilized, the technical level of the welder is not high, the welding seam composition is stable, and the mechanical performance is good.

Good working conditions. In addition to reducing the labor intensity of manual welding operations, it has no arc radiation, which is a unique advantage of submerged arc welding.

Disadvantages of SSAW steel pipe:

The flexibility of submerged arc welding is not as good as manual welding, and it is generally only suitable for horizontal position or small slope welds. The edge preparation and assembly quality of the workpiece require higher quality, which requires more work time. Due to the use of submerged arc welding, we cannot see the formation process of the molten pool and the weld, so the welding specifications must be strictly controlled.

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