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The application of steel sheet pile throughout the whole building industry

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Steel sheet piles are widely used in the engineering fields such as harbours, rivers and specialties to prevent stones falling or soil sand collapsing and breaking down. They are well received by excellent quality and construction efficiency. Steel sheet pile is widely applied in iron and steel industry. Foreign steel sheet pile market is very mature. However, because of its high popularity, Chinese steel sheet pile has limited the application of steel sheet pile.

The development and application of steel sheet piles in China lag behind the advanced world level for about 50 years. In recent years, some important projects have begun to use steel sheet piles and corresponding engineering methods, and have achieved good economic benefits. However, although China has been made of steel, the annual consumption of steel sheet pile in China is far behind the developed countries and regions in the world. The production quantity of steel sheet pile is quite different from the actual demand.

One more phenomenon in China is that the steel sheet pile market is the monopoly of Japanese products, and there are only two enterprises in China. Therefore, we should continuously integrate the research and development, design, manufacturing and construction advantages of steel sheet pile, and provide integrated services and solutions for the terminal construction units.

Steel sheet pile not only sales, can also lease; not only can length of rolled steel sheet pile, can also be the construction plan of steel sheet pile application unit; not only focus on large steel trading market, seeking business opportunities in the consumption of basic construction unit; not only by steel agent underwriting, in engineering areas such as building a strategic partnership to promote the use of. The multi-channel, Construction of pit wall support for Larsen steel sheet pile multi-level and multi angle stereoscopic marketing model is to improve the profit level of steel sheet pile.


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